Why is foster care required?

You may have heard about fostering through television programmes or from your friends – you may even know children or young people who are living with foster carers or who are part of a fostering family.

Why is foster care required

Lots of families foster and the experience is different for everyone.

Fostering is a way of providing looked after children and young people with a caring and nurturing environment, during a period where their own family is unable to look after them. This is often only a temporary arrangement, and many fostered children return to their birth families once the problems that caused them to come into foster care have been sorted out. Sometimes however, they may stay living with their foster family for many years as it is the best place for them to be.

We are looking for adults who want to make a lifestyle choice to foster and are committed to encouraging the children and young people they care for to thrive in every area of their development. A foster carer would be expected to promote education, social awareness, health and hygiene and provide an enriching lifestyle with good role models for children to aspire to.