Training / REACH

Compass Fostering has a support team in place to help you, especially when there are times that you struggle or feel alone.

As a Compass foster carer you’ll be supported with all the skills and training you need to really make a difference to children. Many of our carers choose to access our specialist training, gaining professional expertise and reflecting their commitment to fostering.

Compass Fostering is a learning and developing organisation which puts people and children at the centre of everything we do. We provide outstanding services and seek to make continuous improvements to enhance the lives of children and young people. Our aim is to equip those who provide this support and services with the most effective tools possible and be the enablers of positive achievements and sustainability. Our goal of enhancing and improving children’s lives for the better underpins our actions, plans and services and is inclusive of all Families workforce.

Through the REACH approach we will aim to equip foster carers to build resilience, to provide stability and offer a child centred methodology and attitude to each individual child and young person. REACH is a theoretical framework based on resilience, attachment and a range of social support mechanisms, which strengthens and underlines our practice by which children can be helped to move towards a sense of security and improve their emotional well being.