Your Initial Home Visit

After you enquire with us, we’ll arrange to come to your home to have an Initial Visit with you and your family.

Let’s get to know each other

One of our qualified team members will have an initial visit you to have a conversation with you all about fostering. This visit is designed to get to know you and everyone living in your house, but it’s also a chance for you to get to know us, too.

Compass welcome any and all questions you may have, we want to make sure you get all the information you need, especially if you may not have thought of certain points during your enquiry.

How will Compass meet your needs as a foster parent? What are your motivations to foster? How will fostering affect your family? We’ll have lots to talk about, so the visit usually takes around 2 hours.

Let’s get the kettle on

We know having strangers in your home can feel odd, so don’t worry if you are nervous. We want to make sure that any child will be safe there, have everything they need and most importantly will feel comfortable in your home.

Our foster parents Mark and Nick remember that their home visit “was more like a friend coming around for a chat and a cup of tea”. The visit will be a relaxed conversation, we’re aware that your decision to consider fostering is a big one and we respect that. Making sure that fostering is the right choice for everybody involved will be a key part of our conversation.

Time will be spent with you finding out about your family and immediate support network and gather some information about any experience you may have had in the past with children.

We’ll take a tour of your house to see if it’s suitable to act as a foster home, and any outside spaces if you have them. This is to make sure you have a spare bedroom and safe spaces for a child coming to stay.

After your visit, we’ll be in touch to discuss whether fostering is right for your current circumstances. If you are successful, you’ll enter our assessment part of the process.

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