Your Initial Enquiry

Your first step to becoming a Compass foster carer will be to get in touch with your enquiry local team

From the moment you make first contact with us, we’ll be there to give you support and guidance every step of the way. There’s a lot to think about when it comes to fostering. Who can be a foster carer? How to apply to be a foster carer? What kind of commitment is involved? How much do the allowances add up to? How long does a typical placement last?

There’s lots of ways you can speak to us:

By phone

You’ll likely have a lot of foster care questions, so you can give us a ring on 0800 566 8317 to discuss them. Our friendly local recruitment team are fostering experts, so will be on hand to talk you through your enquiry and what the next steps are.

On socials

We have a dedicated team running our social media pages ready to answer your questions. Pop us a comment or message on our Facebook or Twitter and we’ll get back to you quickly.

Our website

We’ve got a handy form you can fill out on our website, asking you a few basic details so we can get you sent a digital fostering brochure.

From the first time you get in touch with Compass Fostering, you’ll notice something different – we get back to you more quickly, with the answers you’re after.

What’s the next step to fostering?

Once you’ve spoken to us the next steps and you feel ready to begin your fostering application, we can go through a foster care application form with you, then arrange a home visit with your local Social Worker. For more information on how to become a foster parent, feel free to read our comprehensive guide.

Request your digital brochure