Disability Fostering & Children With Additional Needs

At Compass, we understand the unique challenges of finding suitable foster homes for children with disabilities or additional needs. That’s why we go the extra mile to provide specialised training and support to our foster carers. We offer a range of parenting courses designed to equip our carers with the necessary knowledge and skills to care for children with diverse abilities, including physical disabilities, learning difficulties and complex health needs (e.g. autism and ADHD).

After all, selecting the right foster carer — with the appropriate skills and experience — is essential to a successful placement and ensuring the best outcomes for the child.

Many foster carers look after children with disabilities. In practice, this means that they provide them with the support they need and encourage them to become part of the Compass Community and to be integrated into the wider world. Children are matched with carers who have already or will be given the appropriate specialist training in order to help them to meet these needs.

We spoke to our foster carer Grace about her experiences of fostering a child with learning disabilities.

We expertly support our carers

We offer our carers all the training and supervision they need for fostering a disabled child with complex needs. We always want to hear from people who are considering becoming a foster carer for a disabled child or children, or from our current approved carers who feel they have the skills and experience to care for disabled children and young people.

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