What is Parent and Child Fostering?

Leanr about the benefits of our parent and child fostering service

A parent and child fostering placement (P&C) is provided to a mother and/or father and their child(ren) where foster carers can provide support and guidance to the parent(s) and help them develop their childcare skills.

Why are parent and child foster care arrangements needed?

Often a mother (or father) and their baby will live with a foster carer when they are unable to look after their child by themselves. This may be for several reasons, like having suffered abuse, being a young parent with no support or having additional needs themselves.

Our foster carers guide and help to parents to develop their skills in a natural, warm and nurturing family environment. Parent and child fostering placements are not just ‘mother and baby’ and can involve supporting a mother and siblings, father and child or mother, father and child. The parent’s age does vary, and they are often under 18.

Thanks to the hard work of the foster carers and parents, many of our parent and child placements are successful and families have been able to remain together in their own homes.

Compass Fostering parent and child fostering service

Parent and child fostering allowance

As a parent and child carer you will receive higher allowance than you would for a standard placement – somes as must as 1.5 times higher!

What does the foster carer do whilst fostering a parent and child?

At Compass we recognise the complexity and diversity of this type of placement and know the importance of recruiting skilled and experienced foster carers. It’s important that carers can provide a fully supervised environment where parents can develop the skills necessary to be a positive influence in their child’s life. Our carers provide a fully supervised environment and requires good childcare knowledge. Foster carers provide recordings that contribute towards the parenting assessment and court proceedings.

Our foster carers will help the parent(s) with basic parenting skills like:

  • Looking after their baby, including, feeding, bathing and showing emotional care
  • Household skills from cooking and cleaning to putting furniture together
  • Attending meetings and appointments
  • How to handle their money and budgeting

As a specialist type of fostering, existing carers who wish to undertake this work will need to complete specific parent and child fostering training to help them develop their knowledge, skills and confidence. Carers opting to foster in this way would not normally be able to undertake any other paid work as supervision levels are often much higher with such placements and carers need to attend greater numbers of meetings.

Jen’s Story

Jen and her baby are currently living with our foster carers as part of a mother and baby foster placement. Listen to her experience of being in a Parent & Child placement and how this has turned her life around.

Head to our Stories page to see more videos from some of our parent a child carers, as well as a young woman currently living with our carers.

If you feel you can provide a positive start for a young child and parent, please get in touch with us, we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about becoming a parent and child foster carer.

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