What is Short-Term Fostering?

Short-term fostering (or temporary foster care) is one of the most widely sought-after types of foster care in the UK. It is similar to emergency fostering in that it provides a temporary place for a child to live whilst a more permanent arrangement is arranged for them.

What is short-term foster care?

Short-term foster placements are usually required whilst local authorities assess how best to meet the young person’s needs for the future. On many occasions we are called to work alongside local authority colleagues to help support young people returning home after work has been done to address the issues that lead to them coming into care in the first place.

What do short-term foster carers do?

Often young people are brought into foster care because it is the safest place for them to be. Our foster parents offer a stable and loving place for them to stay whilst problems are sorted out at home or more permanent arrangements are made.

How long is short-term foster care?

Short-term foster carers provide a place to live until the child can return home to their own family, move into a longer-term fostering placement or an adoptive family is found. This can be for a night or two, last for a few weeks or even up to a year.

Most foster children come into foster care on a short-term fostering plan. This can change due to circumstances at home or after decisions are made that it is in the best interest for the young person to stay in foster care for a longer term.

Short-term fostering is very rewarding, and whilst it can be difficult to say goodbye many foster parents like to provide short term fostering arrangements because this means they can make a difference to many children’s lives.

Short term-fostering allowance

You will receive an allowance for the time that a child is staying with you. This can very depending on a number of different factors, but you can find out more about fostering allowances here.

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