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5 Books to Help You Talk to Your Kids About Climate Change

At Compass, we feel it’s never too early to begin teaching children about the environment and the importance of protecting it.
The Time to Change Is Now

Conversations about climate change are happening all around us in the media, so it’s likely that your child already has some understanding of what climate change means.

While it’s important that children understand the realities of climate change, it’s also important that they are introduced to the topic in a safe and controlled way. Otherwise, they may develop climate anxiety.

Books play an essential role in children’s development, helping to support their learning as a source of new language, concepts, information and life teachings.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of 5 children’s books on climate change that will help you introduce the topic of climate change to your children in a safe, engaging and informative way.

5 Books to Help You Talk to Your Kids About Climate Change

These children’s books about climate change explore the different ways we can protect our environment and slow the effects of global warming, without scaring children or making them feel powerless.

We hope these books inspire and empower you and your children to take action against climate change and help preserve the planet for future generations.

Tidy – Emily Gravett

This endearing illustrated children’s book written by Emily Gravett tells the rhyming story of Pete, a badger, and his mission to be neat and tidy at all times.

Obsessed with tidying, Pete sweeps away dead trees, prunes flowers and bags stray sticks – none of which is enough. But what will happen when Pete’s tidiness goes too far, and he concretes over the entire forest?

A charming story, ‘Tidy’ highlights the importance of preserving nature, inspiring conversations about environmental conservation and keeping local habitats safe and rubbish-free.

Somebody Swallowed Stanley — Sarah Roberts

As read by Tom Hardy on Cbeebies Bedtime Stories, this thought-provoking children’s book. follows the tale of Stanley, the plastic bag who is lost at sea.

Stanley, a plastic shopping bag, is often mistaken for a Jellyfish because of his red stripes and handles. He’s not a jellyfish, but that doesn’t stop other creatures from mistaking him for a tasty treat, which creates all kinds of problems.

This fun, informative book teaches child and adult readers alike an incredibly poignant message about plastic pollution, touching on themes of sustainability and similar environmental issues.


Take the lead and inspire change. 

What A Waste – Jess French

Did you know that every single plastic toothbrush ever made still exists? Aimed at slightly older readers (7-9 years old), this educational book will teach budding environmentalists all about climate change and the impact that human activity has on the planet.

This lively kid’s book uses a mixture of illustrations and real-life photos to deliver facts and information about climate change, explaining to children what’s going wrong – but also, what they (and the world) can do to help.

Filled with fascinating facts, tidbits and advice, this book is ideal for empowering children who might be feeling helpless or powerless in the fight against climate change.

Charlie and Lola: Look After Your Planet – Lauren Child

You might be familiar with the much-loved sibling duo from Lauren Child, Charlie and Lola. In this rendition of the Charlie and Lola stories, Lola and Charlie are clearing out Lola’s room.

Surrounded by clutter, Lola wants to throw away as much as possible – until Charlie convinces her that she should recycle her things instead. With help from Charlie, Lola learns all about the importance or recycling and the way it helps our planet.

Already loved by children across the world, this illustrated book pairs the charming antics of Charlie and Lola with a powerful message about recycling, eco-friendliness, and climate change.

Clean Up! – Nathan Byron

Illustrated by Dapo Adeola, this energetic tale tells the story of Rocket, who is visiting her grandparents on their Caribbean island home during the holidays.

But, while exploring the island, Rocket is horrified to find the island covered in plastic. Shocked by the pollution spoiling the island and endangering local sea life, Rocket and her friend Teresa comes up with a spectacular plan.

Charged with humour and filled with gorgeous illustrations, this children’s book delivers an important message about pollution in a thoughtful, sensitive, and age-appropriate manner.

The messages in these children’s books are a great place to start when introducing children to the topic of climate change. These books provide an excellent foundation for further conversations about climate change and sustainability, inspiring you and your children to take action in preserving the planet.

You can read more about our sustainability mission, including our sustainability commitment and our ESG Report.

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