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Fun for the Whole Family: Museums in Coventry

With so many school holidays each year in the UK, keeping the kids busy can be a tricky feat.
5 Must Visit Museums in Conventry

With so many school holidays each year in the UK, keeping the kids busy can be a tricky feat. Parents and caregivers have got their work cut out!

The UK weather is also famously unreliable. That’s why it’s good to have an idea of the kinds of activities available to you and your family on a rainy day.

There are various benefits to visiting a museum with your children and young people. For children, museums help to improve their cognitive ability, provoking their imagination alongside teaching them about the world they live in.

With this in mind, we’re looking at some of the most popular museums in Coventry to visit with your children!

  1. Coventry Transport Museum

This one is for the automobile lovers! Described as a ‘truly unique day out for all the family’, the Coventry Transport Museum is full of fascinating exhibitions from the worlds various motoring industries.

This museum in Coventry city centre allows visitors to wander through history, telling the story of Coventry and how the city changed the world through transport. This museum is also an excellent choice for families who are looking for a full day out, with a coffee house and picnic areas located throughout the museum.

Foster carers in Coventry also get free entry to the museum. When we spoke to the Coventry Transport Museum, they explained our carers need only pay for their children’s admission – which is free for under 4s, and £8.00 for those between 5-16 years old. A single ticket is also valid for 365 days, meaning you and your family can visit as many times as you like within one year, while only paying once!

Find out more about Coventry Transport Museum here.

  1. Midland Air Museum

Like with the Coventry Transport Museum, the Midland Air Museum is ideal for lovers of all things transport and machinery based.

Located just outside of Coventry, this volunteer-lead museum is full of fascinating planes that come in all shapes and sizes. Stand in the shadow of a full-scale US Airforce Military Jet, or marvel at the intricacies of a Rolls Royce Spitfire engine – there’s plenty to see, with many of the planes dating back to World War 2.

Admission for adults is £7.75 and £4.00 for children over the age of 5, making it an affordable trip! However, part of the museum’s exhibitions are outside – so we recommend choosing a day with clear skies or packing a raincoat if you’re thinking of visiting the Midland Air Museum!

Check out the Midland Air Museum here.


  1. The Coventry Music Museum

This award-winning music museum in Coventry is a great day out for music-lovers and families alike. Visitors describe being ‘overwhelmed with the knowledge and depth of the memorabilia’ on display at this museum.

Brimming with various exhibitions showcasing music throughout the ages, this museum gives visitors the opportunity to trace the history of music and its development. From witnessing some of the worlds first performers, to an interactive 60s-era sound booth, to the famous bench John Lennon and Yoko Ono once posed on – there’s lots to keep the children entertained.

Foster carers are entitled to a reduced entry fee of £3.00, with children and young people under 15 years old enter for free.

  1. Herbert Art Gallery & Museum

This stylish museum is home to art from around the world. Featuring exhibitions on archaeology,  natural art, modern art, social art and much more, the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum in Coventry is sure to expand your knowledge and inspire.

Alongside its various exhibitions, Herbert Art Gallery & Museum also host a range of family-friendly activities and workshops that are open to the public. Some of their activities include Summer Holiday Crafting Sessions, or an Art Masterclass in Street Art Murals with local street artist, Katie-O. These activities are affordable to book, ranging between £2.50-£10.00 per child, with many running at daily, weekly, and monthly intervals.

The museum is also free to enter, encouraging families in Coventry to immerse themselves in arts, history and culture.

Read more about visiting Herbert Art & Gallery Museum here.

  1. The Reel Store

Unlike other museums, The Reel Store is a relatively new addition to Coventry. Following on from the popularity of immersive art exhibitions around the world, the Reel Space is an innovative, 360-degree art experience that is suitable for the whole family.

Using digital projections, the Reel Store is the UK’s first permanent digital art gallery, allowing visitors to walk around within its art exhibitions. From beautiful hues of yellow and green, to stunning splashes of vibrant pink, the Reel Store takes experiencing art to a different level – making it ideal for children and young people looking to experience new things.

Tickets range between £8.00-£10.00, with flexible admission times that allow visitors to enter throughout the day. However, the experience tends to run on a continuous loop throughout the day – meaning that visitors may have to wait for a short period before entering the exhibition.

Consider Fostering

There’s plenty to do and see when it comes to museums in Coventry. For some children (including foster children) this might be their first time visiting a museum – which is bound to be an exciting experience for all!

However, there are still many children living in Coventry, and throughout the UK, who would benefit from the safety and security of foster care. If you think you could make a difference to the life of a vulnerable child, find out more about fostering in Coventry with Compass Fostering or get in touch with us to speak to a member of our team today.

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