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What to Do on Results Day – A Guide for Young People

The night before you collect your results try to get a good night’s sleep. Getting your results can be both an exciting and anxious time. Make sure you know what time and where to collect your results and aim to be on time.

Well done if you have achieved or succeeded your grades!

If you tried your best but haven’t quite achieved the grades you hoped for or needed for your next step whatever that may be – don’t panic!

College Application

If you have applied to a college and haven’t achieved the exact entry requirements, contact the college in the first instance. Colleges can be flexible and depending on your grades it may not make a difference however it is advisable to call them. On some occasions you may be offered a lower level course which just means you have an extra year of study but this can be a good thing as you will gain more skills and knowledge along the way and give you a good understanding of your subject for the following year’s course.

Sixth Form and Year 13

For sixth form and year 13, if you haven’t achieved the desired grades speak to the post 16 adviser within the school, they may be flexible with entry requirements depending on your grades.
However if you do not have the desired grades for 6th form it is hoped you have a back-up plan of another school or college place. Call the school or college immediately on receiving your results.
Many colleges will accept applications on results day if they have the places available on their courses.
If all else fails and you find yourself without a post 16 or college place, there are other options such as apprenticeships and training providers offering courses which have start dates after September.
Most importantly speak to the adults around you who will help you to make decisions.

Unhappy With Your Exam Results?

If you are unhappy with your results, speak to your teachers about the best options for you. You might decide to see your exam paper, go for a review, or re-sit your exam.
Further reading:
Appeal against a GCSE, AS or A level grade or the result of a qualification
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Congratulations if you have achieved the grades you needed for your chosen University course.
If you haven’t achieved the grades you needed you can apply for other courses through Clearing.
Clearing is a service from UCAS which gives students a final chance to apply for a university course beginning in September. It runs from mid-July to September each year.

In Clearing you can see which courses have places remaining. You can use Clearing if you:


  • Have already completed a UCAS application
  • Apply after 30 June - You’ll automatically be entered into clearing if you apply late for your course (after 30 June)
  • Didn’t receive any offers (or none you wanted to accept)
  • Didn’t meet the conditions of your offers
Finding a Course Through Clearing

You can find out which courses have vacancies through UCAS from mid-August to late September. Not all universities or courses have vacancies, and some may be filled quickly.
You can contact universities and colleges about getting a place once you’ve got your exam results.

Learn how clearing works

UASC – What is clearing?

Accepting an offer

You can only accept 1 offer. When your place is confirmed, you have to accept it and can’t look for another place.

Help & advice

Contact the UCAS Exam Results Helpline for free advice – 0808 100 8000.

Useful websites and apps:

If you’re feeling stressed about results day, you can also have a go at some mindfulness exercises to promote emotional regulation and soothe anxiety.

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