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Compass Fostering and S-Factor Athletics Academy: A Winning Partnership

At Compass Fostering, we are proud to sponsor S-Factor Athletics Academy, an athletics club that is having a significant impact on young lives in South East London and Kent. This partnership reflects our broader commitment to empowering young people and children, nurturing their innate potential to build more tolerant and stronger communities.
S-Factor Athletics Academy: Empowering Youth Through Athletics

Founded in 2010 by former Commonwealth GB silver medallist Lisa Miller, S-Factor Athletics Academy is more than just an athletics club: it is a lifeline for vulnerable kids. The Academy’s mission is to inspire and encourage young people and children through the medium of athletics, catering to individuals of all abilities, from ages 7 and up. Within the Academy, the Inclusive Group also provides a supportive environment for children and young adults with various disabilities, to promote wider inclusivity and diversity.

The Compass Connection: A Shared Vision for Youth Empowerment

The partnership with S-Factor was forged through the efforts of one of our foster carers who at the time was an S-Factor volunteer. Our shared values laid the foundation for a meaningful and lasting collaboration.

Impactful Support: Compass' Contribution to Success

Compass’ sponsorship has played a pivotal role in the Academy’s expansion. From subsidising membership fees and enabling S-Factor to provide new tracksuits, to helping the Academy support families throughout the pandemic, we have helped to cultivate a sense of belonging and generate pride amongst their athletes. The resulting increased visibility has also served to attract new members, and facilitated community engagement through a variety of Academy events. Thanks to our support, for instance, S-Factor has been able to enhance its capabilities, purchasing additional equipment and covering their required travel costs.


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Nurturing Well-being Through Athletics

Our partnership goes beyond financial support, however. By encouraging foster families to engage with the club, we provide foster children with opportunities to relieve stress and develop life skills. In this way, athletics becomes an invaluable tool for personal growth, offering lessons in teamwork, responsibility and discipline.

Future Initiatives

With an eye on the future, Compass and S-Factor are committed to exploring a variety of initiatives that will benefit young people and the wider community. This vision includes connecting with foster families, integrating foster children into training sessions, and creating a supportive environment for their ongoing engagement with athletics.

Get Involved

Our partnership with S-Factor is a testament to the positive impact of collaboration between organisations on the lives of kids. By joining forces, we can create a brighter future for the next generation, nurturing skills and community spirit through the transformative power of athletics.

We encourage all Compass staff, parents and other companies to get involved with S-Factor Academy. They welcome volunteers with all manner of skills, including web design, coaching, administration and event organisation. Remember too that Compass provides a Volunteer Day, enabling all of our employees to choose one day of the year to volunteer if they wish to contribute to this meaningful cause.

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