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Things to Do in Brighton With Kids

For families seeking unforgettable memories, no trip down south would be complete without a visit to this vibrant seaside destination. From the iconic Brighton Pier to the stunning Sussex countryside, there are plenty of exciting activities in Brighton for families. Here are 10 that you absolutely shouldn’t miss!
Brighton Pier

Opened in 1899 following the destruction of the West Pier, this 1,700ft long structure features a wide range of activities that are perfect for the whole family. From traditional fairground rides to an arcade full of amusements, your kids could easily spend an entire day here and never get bored. There are plenty of food options available too if you can’t keep up with your kids’ excitement!

Sea Life Brighton

Not only is Sea Life Brighton the world’s oldest continually operating aquarium – having opened in 1872 – but it is home to over 5,000 different types of sea creature. Here, your children can learn all about the importance of protecting and preserving our oceans, as well as the animals that live within it. You can also have more hands-on experiences, including rockpools, and delve deep into the Amazon rainforest. Just be ready for the extreme humidity!

Brighton Beach

Brighton’s most famous landmark is its beach, attracting thousands of tourists each year. While you won’t find any sand to build sand castles here, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy the beach with the children. On the west side towards Hove, families can visit the intriguing Upside Down House or enjoy the delicious meals at Brighton Shelter Hall. Towards the east by Kemptown, your kids can also take part in more active activities, including volleyball at Yellowave and Jungle Rumble Adventure Golf, which – it would be remiss not to say – serves some of the nicest milkshakes in town!


If you fancy a trip down to Brighton Marina, Globalls is the perfect place to stop at. It is a stunning, completely UV-lit venue, which offers three 12-hole mini golf courses and a carnival themed games course to boot. Bear in mind that one of the courses, Zootopia, is adult-only from midday on Saturdays, so you might want to plan your trip accordingly! After the game, why not take in the Marina’s stunning scenery and enjoy a meal from one of the many different food options from popular chains? 

So Sussex

Though not directly based in Brighton, So Sussex is the perfect way to get your children to enjoy the outdoors, without succumbing to boredom in the process. This family-run business allows families to take in the beautiful countryside surrounding the city. So Sussex also provides a variety of outdoor learning opportunities, an angling club and multiple camping events.

Toy and Model Museum

Located in one of the old Victorian cellars beneath Brighton Station, Brighton Toy and Museum takes visitors through the golden age of British and European toy making. There are various exhibits for children to enjoy, including a giant model of a railway station dating back to the 1930s, in addition to vintage Lego sets. The museum also provides educational sessions and a must-attend storytelling workshop that teaches kids the art of telling a good story.

Booth Museum of Natural History

There are various museums in Brighton, but the Booth Museum of Natural History is at the top of our list of fun things to do in Brighton for kids. Located just outside the city centre in the gorgeous Seven Dials area, this museum is home to a variety of fossils, bones, as well as colourful butterfly and insect displays. Kids can also be transported to the Victorian era in the Booth study, which offers everything from period costumes, Victorian curiosities and games.

Brighton Treasure Trails

Another perfect way to spend time outdoors in Brighton is by taking part in a local Treasure Trail. There are various options available, depending on where you’d like to spend your time – e.g. along the seafront or in the city’s cultural quarter. These are completely self-guided, though you can text for help should you need it. Without a doubt, this is one of the best family activities in Brighton, and should definitely not be missed! 

Ghost Walk of the Lanes

For children on the braver side, the Ghost Walk of the Lanes is also highly recommended. Not only is the experience extremely entertaining, but it is also educational, providing a deeper insight into the history of the city. You’ll get to visit around 10 spooky locations throughout the city, and encounter some strange surprises along the way!

Pier Pressure

While Pier Pressure’s immersive escape rooms are understandably more suited for older children, it is still one of the best activities in Brighton for families, and as a result, deserves an honourable mention. There is a broad range of rooms to choose from, each with their own difficulty ranking to help you decide which would be more appropriate. We recommend Clue Company, which is set at the gorgeous Preston Manor.

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