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A Guide to Transferring Fostering Agency

Every foster carer has the right to transfer between fostering agencies should they wish to. Regardless of whether you currently have a foster child in your care or not, you will be able to transfer foster agencies – because sometimes the grass really is greener!
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Transferring to Compass Fostering is easier than you think. We understand that our carers are unique, and pride ourselves on being more informative, more responsive, and more supportive.

How to Transfer Foster Care Agencies

If you’d like to transfer fostering agency, the first step is to get in contact with the fostering agency you would like to transfer to. This will give you the opportunity to learn more about the agency and make an educated decision as to whether they’re the right agency for you.

The transfer process for changing fostering agencies is, in many ways, similar to the assessment you underwent when first became a foster carer. We’ll need to make the same checks and references to ensure children and young people will be safe in your care. However, this process is generally a lot quicker than your initial fostering assessment and helps us get an understanding of the experience and skills you already have under your belt.

The key difference when it comes to transferring fostering agencies is whether you currently have a foster child living in your care. Having a foster child in your care will alter the process slightly but shouldn’t prevent you from transferring – as long as the transfer doesn’t unsettle or impact the child in any way.

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Call now to discuss transferring to Compass

0800 566 8317

Call now to discuss transferring to Compass

0800 566 8317

Call now to discuss transferring to Compass

0800 566 8317
Do you currently have a foster child with you?
If You Have a Foster Child with You

The wellbeing and safety of any foster children in your care will always be the number one priority when it comes to transferring fostering agencies.

If you wish to transfer to Compass Fostering, you’ll need to give written notice to your current fostering agency as well as the local authority who have responsibility for the child. Following this, a transfer meeting will be organised by the placing authority – attended by you, your current agency, Compass Fostering, the foster child’s social worker, and any other relevant bodies.

This meeting will look at the welfare of the child and make sure that the transfer of agencies won’t unsettle the child or impact their care in any way, as well as addressing any issues around fees and what the next few months will look like. Everyone in the meeting will need to come to an agreement that this is the case, making sure that the child’s needs are placed at the centre of any decisions made.

Once this initial meeting is complete, we will begin our fostering assessment, before passing your assessment report over to an independent panel who will make a recommendation on whether they think you should be approved to foster with us.

If our ADM (Agency Decision Maker) confirms this recommendation, you’re all set! At this stage, we’ll ask you to submit your resignation with your current agency, and after the 28 days’ notice period has expired, you will officially join the Compass Fostering family.

If You’re Not Currently Fostering a Child

Transferring fostering agencies is a little more straightforward if you don’t currently have a child in your care.

You’ll still need to notify your current fostering agency of your intentions to transfer, but there will be no need to attend any meetings before we begin your assessment. The rest of the process is effectively the same; we’ll carry out our necessary checks and references, before taking this paperwork to an independent panel and our ADM for their recommendation.

“Compass gave us plenty of reassurance. They really helped to put our minds at ease. Helen, who was our Supervising Social Worker at the time, was fantastic and advised us all the way.”
Why Do People Transfer Fostering Agencies?

People transfer fostering agency for a range of different reasons.

As foster carers settle into their role, they may find that the fostering agency they initially chose doesn’t meet their needs in the way they had hoped. As their knowledge of the fostering sector increases, so will their understanding of the kind of things they need from an agency.

They may feel let down by their current fostering agency – the support may not be adequate, or it may be difficult to contact them, and they may be left feeling disappointed, upset, or concerned.

Remember, it’s completely fine to want a change. If you aren’t happy with your current fostering agency, it’s important to explore the options available to you. At Compass, we understand that the satisfaction and happiness of our carers directly relates to the quality of care they feel able to give. If you’re not satisfied with the relationship you have with your current fostering agency, it may be time to consider a move.

  • Wrap-around 24/7 support, making the most of our expert, local teams of professionals to ensure you can continue transforming children’s lives.
  • Generous allowances, that recognise your unique skillset and expertise, allowing you to focus on what really matters.
  • High quality training, with a range of relevant topics, aimed at promoting your personal and professional development.
  • Access to our Therapeutic Services, our internal support service providing bespoke therapeutic care, guidance, and counselling to foster children and their carers.
  • A close-knit fostering community, with regular support groups, meet-ups and social events that are open to the whole family.
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If you have more questions about transferring fostering agencies, or what it’s like to be a foster carer with Compass, call us today and a member of your local team will be happy to help.