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Fun Virtual and Interactive Science Activities for Children

Just when you thought you'd run out of options for interactive science for children- not to worry!
7 Fun-Filled Virtual Science Activities for Children

Just when you thought you’d run out of options for interactive science for children- not to worry! We’ve a range of fun hands-on activities for families to enjoy together. These projects and workshops work for children of all ages and will challenge even the most curious minds- time to get your virtual science class together!

Train Like an Astronaut

1. Fitness and nutrition on Earth and in space

Discover physical and scientific activities to enjoy at home with your child – includes activity sheets and helpful advice, as well as the supporting videos.

2. Astro food

Learn about the parts of well-known edible plants and how these need different conditions to grow. From your findings, learn how these could be grown in space.

3. Build a robotic arm

Children can make a robotic arm designed to be able to grab things from a distance. All the models are based on robotic arms on the International Space Station which move heavy equipment or perform delicate tasks.

4. Microbial bugs

What’s in your space box? Create your own microbial box using a sealed bag.

Code for Life

Free, educational and fun coding activities and lesson plans to help teach coding at home.

The Ice Is Melting

Four great activities from the European Space Agency. Explore the impacts of global warming and learn about why the Earth’s ice is melting. Children can design their own experiment around changing temperatures and the world’s glaciers.


Make a real difference in a child’s life.

Light and Sound

1. The science of music

A collection of fun hands-on experiments for you to try with your child.

2. Lightning bolt energy

Enough to toast 150,000 slices of bread. Discover all kinds of fun facts on this educational website.

The Institute of Imagination

1. A charity sparking imaginations everywhere

A website with activities for children, young people and families – with challenges suitable for children from ages 5-8, including step-by-step instructions on how to make a standing and a moving wind tunnel.

2. For older children from 9-12 years

Learn how to digitally design and engineer an electric or hybrid vehicle.

Bright Sparks Science

Turn your kitchen into a science lab with over 20 experiments for your children to complete at home, plus workshops and virtual shows. Includes step-by-step and virtual online guides. With input from science teachers and even enthusiastic scientists, the virtual home science club encourages children to think like scientists. Suitable for children from 6-11 years.

The Royal Institution – Science Lives Here

A series of short films by the Royal Institution show you how to make it fun and easy (and cheap) to do science experiments at home with your children. Create amazing room illusions, learn about motion and understand why bubbles are round. Make music using drinking glasses and coat hangers. With plenty of tips to ‘bring science home’, as well as suggestions on how to get the most out of doing science experiments at home with your family.

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