Foster Carer Profiles

Information about some of our existing carers


Hi I am Julie, my husband and I have been fostering for the last 15 years with a lot of hard work, fun, love and heartache. Our placements today are two boys that have now been with us for over ten years!! They have grown and developed into amazing young teenagers. It has been very challenging at times but It’s very satisfying being able to help nurture many young children who have not had the best start in life.


Hi my name is Louisa, I foster children from 0 – 18 years with my partner Simon. Simon has three girls from a previous marriage who are all grown up and I have one boy who is nine years old. We decided to foster as we wanted to extend our family but thought it was more rewarding to help children who needed help and a loving home. Simon was fostered for a short time at the age of 2 years and I was adopted by my now dad at 18 months so it has always been something important in our hearts. We were approved in December 2013 as foster carers and we have had one child who is 15 years who is still with us. Fostering is hard work but so rewarding. I hope to be fostering for many years and I hope to make a difference in young people’s lives.


My name is Hayley and I’ve been fostering for over five years with my husband and three children. Our fostering experience has varied over the years from parent and child, children, teenagers and seeing three babies move on to adoption. We’ve had some highs and lows in our fostering but maintaining relationships with the babies we moved on and seeing how happy and settled they now are makes it worthwhile and its lovely when teenagers come back to visit with their own children.


Hi my name is Michelle; I have been a foster carer with my husband for six years. We have mainly looked after children who are over 12 years, through to adult. At times there have been difficulties but the satisfaction and rewards of seeing these young people reaching their full potential and living a happy, well balanced and secure life is wonderful. I am the main carer but we are both very much involved in all aspect of the fostering. I have a part time job which works very well alongside my foster placements.

Foster Carer - Sally - Families Fostering


Hi I’m Sally and I am a single carer and have been fostering since 2000, initially I fostered a brother and sister whom I had for 11 and half years. Over my fostering career I have experienced many different types of fostering including teenagers, unaccompanied asylum seeking children, younger siblings and parent and child so I have done a bit of everything! Fostering has been a way my life for the best part of 15 years and there has been many good and sad times but that is what fostering is all about. At the end of the day it’s about making a difference to a young person’s life.



Hi my name is Frankie and I have been fostering since 2008, I have three children of my own. Over the years I have fostered ‘parent and child’ placements and also a sibling group of three. We have had great outcomes, including seeing children through to adoption and supporting them to return home. We have also had other experiences of caring for children with learning disabilities and unaccompanied asylum seeking minors. My brother also fosters so we are indeed a big fostering family!

Foster Carer - Paul - Families Fostering


Hi my name is Paul and I have been fostering for just over two years. I am the main carer as my wife works full time.

We foster a young girl who has been with us from two days after we got approved as carers and has been with us ever since. Making a difference in this young lady’s life is what fostering is all about.

Foster Carer - Rehana- Families Fostering


Hello, my name is Rehana. I have been fostering for a year with my husband and 3 children. Fostering has been such a rewarding experience for both myself, Peter and our children. I am extremely proud of the way my children have adapted to the change in their home life and the input they have put into the children we have fostered as positive role models despite facing many challenges. To date we have fostered two teenage girls and provide day respite care for a 10 year old boy. We are still in touch with our first placement including her family. I have very much enjoyed the training for my own self-development along with the positive support I receive from Compass Fostering.

Foster Carer - Kim- Families Fostering


Hi my name is Kim and I am a full time carer. We live with two of our three children and have been fostering for over three years now. We have fostered a range of children from toddlers to teenagers. I have previously supported two children successfully through the adoption process. I feel that my birth children have benefitted greatly from being part of a foster family, giving them additional life skills that will help them through to adulthood. Fostering is a varied role with many rewards along the way – I can’t imagine doing anything else!

Foster Carer - Debbie- Families Fostering


Hi my name is Debbie. I have three children of my own, although only the youngest one still lives at home (aged 20) and we also have two young grandchildren who frequently visit our home. Our family has been fostering for nearly four years. At first we looked after a young sibling group of three, although now we enjoy sharing our home with up to two teenagers usually presenting with a variety of challenges. Although I am the primary carer, as a family we work as a cohesive team, helping to provide a stable and caring home environment for all the children we care for. I also undertake a number of part time jobs that I am able to schedule around my fostering commitments, helped by my husband’s shift pattern and a strong support network around us. We as a family certainly enjoy making a difference in a child’s life and we pride ourselves with the on-going contact we maintain with all of them, even after the placement has ended.

Foster Carer - Lisa- Families Fostering


Hi my name is Lisa and I have been fostering since 2002, I have two adult sons, one who is still living at home and our two cats. My family are keen sports fans and we try and encourage any child we care for to participate in a variety of activities. We continue to remain in contact with children we have welcomed into our home in particular two young men who have moved onto independence but remain in close and regular contact, often returning for Sunday lunches. Fostering is about making a little difference that in the long term has a bigger impact.