Diary of a Daughter Whose Family Foster

Monday 27th October

I have enjoyed my weekend at my Dad’s. Unfortunately, I am ill so cannot go home to R since he could catch it and that won’t be good, he could end up in hospital again!

Tuesday 28th October

I’m home, cheerful R gave me a lovely smile. My friend came over. We had an awesome time with R! We all went to the park together and took turns holding R on a big swing. I sat on the floor with R then taught him sign language.
Afterwards we went home R rolled around on the floor while I prepared colouring for him. He drew a lovely bright picture.

Wednesday 29th October

It’s a horrible rainy day today all our plans have failed. We originally planned to go to the caravan, but that hasn’t worked out. In the morning we wait for the nurses to check up on R hoping for the weather to perk up a little. No such luck though…

Now the nurses have seen R he is doing well, I’m pleased. Mum is making me do homework, BOO! I do a little bit then play with R instead. I can’t resist his smiles and giggles.

Thursday 30th October

We’re waiting for R’s Grandma and sister to arrive. I’ve been telling R that they’re coming, he’s been getting really excited, that makes me smile…

R showed his Grandma and sister all the sign language I have taught him. He was very happy and smiley during their visit. It was so lovely watching him with them. We are all looking forward to their next visit and might go to McDonalds.

Friday 31st October

Happy Halloween! R looked really cute in his little pumpkin outfit. We had R’s social worker come round. When she and mummy started to talk mum asked me to go into the other room since it was a private talk. At that moment of time I felt happy because I know they’re thinking of ways to improve R’s life which is good.
OH NO, R has been sick so now mum cannot take us to Roller Disco. Mum has found a solution, our friends could take us. I am leaving poorly R and mum at home, travelling to Roller D. Good news while I’ve been at Roller Disco R has improved but he is asleep so because of that we can’t go Trick or Treating to any houses where mum cannot see us from the doorway.

Satuday 1st November

Just chilling what else is there to write? Our plans to go to the caravan have been cancelled AGAIN! I feel cross because I was really looking forward to it but R’s health comes first.

Sunday 2nd November

Woke up early in the morning because R’s snoring is atrocious. I fed R a few spoonfuls of his ‘weetabix’.Then everyone got in the car to go to the fields to walk the dog with our friends. Afterwards we went to the circus at the Garden Centre. R loved all the bright costumes which the performers wore, music, lights and bubbles. He did lots of clapping and got very excited. I love watching him have fun.

Monday 3rd November

Everyone woke up early in the morning. Mum got R dressed then we took him for his first day at pre-school. When we left him he was happy but it felt odd not having him with us. Mum took us out for breakfast. I liked having a bit of quality time with mum. I feel good knowing mum still has time for me. R loved school and I taught him how to sign ‘school’.

Tuesday 4th November

It’s our first day back to school! I’m not very pleased as I’d rather be home playing with R. After school we met Nanny and her friend for dinner. R loves all the attention. We showed him how to play table football and he was the referee.