Fostering Eligibility

Can I Foster if I’m LGBT+?

A third of LGBT people believe they will face barriers when applying to be a foster carer. We want to demystify any myths or worries that you may have when considering fostering.
Fostering Inclusivity

At Compass Fostering, we actively welcome carers from various backgrounds, religions, race, ethnicities, gender and sexual orientations as these do not define your ability to be a great foster parent.

Can I Foster if I Am Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual?

Yes – sexual orientation has no bearing on a person’s ability to be a foster carer. Whatever your sexuality, you just need to be able to offer the warmth, care and stability needed for foster care.

Can I Foster if I Am Transgender?

Yes – your sex and/or gender do not affect your capability or suitability to foster.

Can I Foster if I’m in a Same-Sex Relationship?

Yes – couples can apply to foster together as a primary and secondary carer. A same-sex relationship does not act as a defining factor in your capacity to foster.

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