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How Does Foster Care Affect My Family?

Fostering involves everyone that lives at home — not just the adult foster carers, but also their children. It's important that everyone works together to make it a good experience.
How Fostering Impacts Your Family

Fostering impacts on the whole family and will affect your children, but we’ve found that this can often be a hugely positive experience for birth children. Many benefit from the friendship of having a new foster sibling in their home. At the same time, everyone’s experience of fostering is different, so you will need to talk to your children about how they might feel about having another child or young person join their family.

How Compass Can Help

We understand how important it is for young people within fostering households to be part of fostering and we want them to feel fully involved. This is why we offer support, days out and training, as well as the chance to join our participation groups for young people in fostering families. These are friendly, lively groups who meet regularly throughout the year to discuss issues and share ideas and experiences. They also have regular days out, having visited London Zoo, Chessington World of Adventures and even the Houses of Parliament.

I’m home, cheerful R gave me a lovely smile. My friend came over. We had an awesome time with R! We all went to the park together and took turns holding R on a big swing ~Alicia, Age 9.
Fostering Is Worth It

It is not always easy to share your family, your things or your friends, but through fostering you will be giving another child or young person a real chance to enjoy life – you may find that being part of a fostering family can be one of the most rewarding experiences you can ever have!

Andleeb's Story

Andleeb tells us her experiences of living in a family that foster, from being involved throughout the process, to how it makes her feel to make a real difference to the life of others.



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