Promoting therapeutic, attachment and trauma-informed childcare, underpinned by positive psychology, holistic and child-centred practice.

Mandatory Training for Applicants

Compass is committed to providing outstanding services, putting children and carers at the heart of everything we do.

Our goal is to create a long-lasting, positive impact for the children and carers we support throughout the UK.

We equip our foster carers with the skills they need to support healing through therapeutic care so they can make a meaningful difference in a child’s life. By taking advantage of our comprehensive training, learning resources and support, you can reflect on your development as a foster carer and gain valuable professional insight.

Foster carers at Training with Compass Fostering

Training Courses for Foster Carers

One of our main foster care training requirements is that our applicants have to attend a 3-day Skills to Foster training course.

This course serves as an introduction to fostering, and is designed to help you learn about therapeutic foster care alongside other potential foster carers who are also going through the process. Our training sessions provide a solid foundation for your knowledge, skills and understanding of the complex, but fulfilling role of foster carers, thus providing you with the confidence to care for your first foster child.

Once you’ve been approved as a foster carer, your further learning and development will begin with our induction training. This enables you to develop your safeguarding skills, recording practice and therapeutic understanding, helping you become the best foster carer you can be.

“The activities were very powerful and thought provoking. The experienced foster carers were great to talk to and provided fabulous insight. They kept it real and showed us all the fun and enrichment to be had in fostering too. There were no questions that couldn’t be answered. The course has been so enjoyable.”

Skills to Foster
August 2023.
Training for our foster carers

Therapeutic courses

Compass empowers foster carers to develop a full range of skills and professional expertise. This is why, beyond our Skills to Foster and Induction training courses, we provide our carers with a range of therapeutic and child-focused courses throughout their career. These specialist courses are facilitated by our team of qualified trainers, experienced Social Workers, and care-experienced adults. Some topics you can access include (but are not limited):

  • Understanding attachment and the impact of trauma
  • Introduction to parenting with PACE (Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity, Empathy)
  • Caring for children from black, Asian and ethnic minority backgrounds
  • Impact of separation and loss
  • Impact of pre-birth trauma
  • Understanding mental health and well-being
  • Caring for teenagers
  • Understanding and responding to behaviour that challenges
  • Unconscious bias
  • Paediatric first aid
  • Working with birth families and family time
  • Developing recording and reporting skills
  • Understanding and supporting LGBTQ+ young people
Specialist and therapeutic training

Specialist courses

At Compass, we are convinced that fostering should be a continuous journey of growth for both carers and children. With this in mind, we offer a variety of specialist training options to help you further your fostering career and gain invaluable new skills and experience.

  • Caring for unaccompanied asylum-seeking children and young people (UASC)
  • Supporting parents and children
  • Caring for children with disabilities and other support needs
  • Understanding neurodiversity, learning disabilities and difficulties
  • Therapeutically caring for children

Training for Social Workers

The Supervising Social Worker is our foster carer’s primary source of support and will have similar access to a tailored training, learning and development programme – in addition to more specific training to support the needs of every child. These include topics such as:

  • Managing significant concerns and risk
  • Supporting carers during challenging times
  • Supporting attachments and overcoming the impact of trauma
  • Therapeutic parenting
  • Compassion fatigue and blocked care
  • Unconscious bias and anti-discriminatory practice

In-Person and Virtual Courses

Our foster care training courses are a mix of in-person and virtual training. They are designed and quality assured to be engaging, support problem solving, and impart not just knowledge, but practical skills in caring for children. They are also linked with a number of professional frameworks, are evidence and research based, and regularly reviewed and updated.

To enable greater flexibility, Compass also provides foster care training online. This helps you learn at a time that suits you, and offers quick access to a wide range of topics – so you can get the information you need, the moment you need it.

We also recognise the power of self-directed learning, by supporting our foster carers to explore a wider range of available resources including podcasts, books, documentaries and more. We later encourage reflective conversations between carers and social workers to help you apply the learning to your child’s needs.

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What Our Foster Carers Say

In a recent survey of 3,636 Compass foster carers who had taken our courses, overwhelmingly, our carers reported that they felt confident in their ability to implement what they had learned.

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“The trainer was amazing and made us all very comfortable throughout the two days training. It was informative and really helped build our confidence further. As always, we’ve been made to feel part of the Compass Family and very supported.”

Induction Training
June 2023.

When asked whether or not they would recommend our foster care training courses, the responses were also decisively positive.

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In addition, our trainers were rated Excellent (83.91%) and Good (14.66%) in their presentation style, and Excellent (86.44%) and Good (12.54%) in their ability to answer questions!

Professional Qualifications for Foster Carers

The professional role played by foster carers is absolutely essential, which is why at Compass Fostering, we believe it deserves formal recognition through a professional qualification.

Foster carers approved by Compass are supported and encouraged to pursue the NCFE CACHE Level 3 Diploma for the Children and Young People’s Workforce (Social Care – England).

This vocational qualification is specifically designed to equip our learners with the skills required to work in various childcare settings. By undertaking this qualification, foster carers can gain an enhanced understanding of legislation and apply the knowledge and skills that will elevate their practices when caring for children.

“The Level 3 diploma course has allowed me to understand the different factors that affect children’s development and consider why children may behave in certain ways.”

A foster carer who completed this qualification.

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