Foster Carer Pay & Fees

As a foster carer with us, you will benefit from weekly foster care payments that cover the daily living cost of your foster child and a professional fee for yourself.

Our fostering payments help to ease your financial concerns, freeing up time for you to focus on what you do best – transforming young people’s lives.

How Much Does Compass Fostering Pay?

So, what does Compass Fostering offer as foster carer pay anyway? Well, when it comes to fostering, there is no set fostering allowance. The amount you receive will depend on a variety of factors, including how many children are under your care, the child’s individual needs, the type of fostering you can provide and your own individual skill set.

At Compass, we pay our foster carers an average of £370 per week for every child living in their home. However, because most of our carers support between one and two foster children, due to the foster care pay scale in the UK, the actual average weekly foster care payment is in excess of £460 with Compass.

Not only are these fees above national minimum rates, but they also come alongside high-quality training, a wide variety of reward schemes and benefits and 24/7 support that every one of our foster carers can enjoy.

Allowance Examples

Fostering Payments Post-Tax Examples

Here are a few illustrative examples of how much money some of our foster carers earn after tax, which is dependent on various factors. 


Faiza fosters one child who is aged fourteen. With Compass, Faiza will receive £398 per week.


Post Tax Earnings Of


*illustrative example only, based upon standard tax payer.

Louise & Aadan

Louise and Aadan foster a sibling group of children, aged 2, 5 and 12. They receive £1,108 per week.


Post Tax Earnings Of


*illustrative example only, based upon standard tax payer.

Nigel & Jack

Nigel & Jack foster a 14-year-old child requiring a therapeutic package of care. They receive £576 per week.


Post Tax Earnings Of


*illustrative example only, based upon standard tax payer.

allowance calculator

Find out how much foster care pay you could receive

Our Fostering Allowance Calculator is there to give you a better picture of how much you could earn over the year. There are lots of factors that could influence how much you receive, from the type of placement to the region you live in. 

What Do Our Foster Care Payments Cover?

Family sat round the table enjoying dinner

We know that money isn’t often the main driving force behind fostering. However, it’s also important to acknowledge that fostering can be demanding at times.

Though some of our carers balance part-time work with their fostering responsibilities without a problem, the majority of our foster parents choose to fully commit to their role and leave their previous employment behind.

That’s why we pay our foster carers a fair allowance on a regular basis. This covers the costs of looking after a child, as well as contributing to household expenses.

Your fostering payments will be comprised of:

A living allowance for the child.

A professional fee for yourself that rewards your hard work and dedication.

In any case, you will begin receiving your fostering payments when a child is placed under your care. We’ll pay your foster care payments every two weeks — directly into your bank account.

refer a friend

Earn up to £3,250 by referring a friend

Not only is this a great way to get more income while fostering, but applicants who are referred by another foster carer are eight times more likely to be approved. 

Support Payments

While You Wait: Our Support Payments.

Our Support Payments provide foster carers with financial stability while they’re waiting for their first foster child.

I am really happy with Compass; they are very supportive and caring. My supervising social worker is excellent and a credit to Compass – she, among others, is one reason I wouldn’t leave the agency.

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