Compass have given us excellent service and support all the way along the line, and we would highly recommend considering a partnership with them!


Foster Carer Stories in the UK

August 31st, 2021

Making the choice to start your journey to becoming a foster carer is a big one. Here at Compass, we want to make sure that everyone who comes to us with the dream of being a foster parent is heard, and that we give every individual the chance to come into assessment with us. All we ask is that you meet our main requirements, then the rest will be a longer conversation and a visit to your home.

Being a foster carer isn’t about being the perfect person or parent, and we won’t expect you to superhuman. There are all sorts of reasons why some people can or can’t be foster carers, but there are lots of myths surrounding these too.

We had a chance to talk to some of our amazing foster parents who were recently approved. They told us about their fostering journey and any barriers that could have stood in the way, but Compass made sure to listen to their circumstances and see their potential. Take a look at their stories below:

Putting Things on Hold: Alex and Sue’s story

Our foster parents Alex and Sue were approved to be carers in early 2021. The couple had to have their assessment put straight on what we call ‘hold’ as they were in the process of moving house. This means that we paused their assessment once they had their first visit with us and we told them we thought they’d be suitable foster carers.

Rather than waiting the long time it would take for them to move house, we welcomed them both into assessment once for wheels got to turning on their sale. Compass knew they would make fantastic foster carers, and we didn’t want to waste their time! We created the beginnings of an assessment for them and popped them on hold while everything was finalised.

Sadly, the sale of their home didn’t go through, and their home came off the market. After this happened, we quickly welcomed them into the fostering assessment process, taking their assessment off hold and beginning their fostering journey.

“Within a month Compass matched us with 2 children who have been with us ever since. The match has been successful, and the children have been happily integrating themselves into our family ever since. Compass have given us excellent service and support all the way along the line, and we would highly recommend considering a partnership with them!”

Seeing Potential: Sophie’s Story

A young lady makes an enquiry to foster – should Compass proceed to the next stage?
• Single carer
• 25 years old
• Smoker
• No children of their own
• They work full time

Due to what this experience looks like on paper, most Independent Fostering Agencies or Local Authorities would say no.
We said “yes!”

Compass challenge the stereotypes and that changes children’s lives.

Sophie was approved to be a foster carer in November 2020 – she agreed to look after teenage siblings for respite in December and had her 15-year-old young lady come to live with her in February. She has been with her ever since, living in a therapeutic placement, and they are both doing well together.

As an Independent Fostering Agency, we never want to be too quick to judge. We have a detailed and rigorous assessment process that is in place, so our young people are well looked after and safe with our foster families. So many people have the ability and drive to work around the kinds of barriers that could be in place, and Compass can help them on the way and be as accommodating as we can.

Please get in touch with us to find out more about becoming a foster carer. Compass want to be the fostering agency that sees everyone’s potential and you could be the next foster carer to make an amazing difference.

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