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Compass East

Compass Fostering are delighted to announce the opening of their new Regional Office in Felsted Essex. This allows Compass Fostering to enhance its local delivery across the East of England. As a well-established Independent Fostering Agency, Compass Fostering is a national provider of both Fostering and Residential provision.

Paul Kent is the Head of Fostering for the East at our Felsted Office. Paul brings a wealth of experience to the role with 28 years’ service working within children’s services for Local Authorities (including 14 years in Norfolk) and 7 years working within the private fostering sector in the East of England.

Compass are excited about the opportunity for increasing the carer capacity across the region, with a focus on Norfolk and Suffolk where demand for local foster placements remains high. With local staff, carers, support groups, training and events, we are keen to further develop an experienced foster carer pool to meet the needs of local children and their families. Developing specialist provision with experienced carers is an area Paul has a proven track record in and he has ambitions to achieve this across the East of England.

At Compass Fostering, we provide our carers with therapeutic support through our association with Dr Tine Rae, and we have an Education department which assists the workforce with the required support and guidance in ensuring children and young people reach their potential.

We have recently recruited five new staff members, several, (such as Paul Allum and Tessa Kirby) who have local connections to Norfolk, as part of the plan to establish a larger local presence.

Should you be interested in becoming a foster carer of finding out more about Compass Fostering please fill in the form on the right or ring 0800 566 8317.

Paul can be contacted personally on 07720 428961