Independent Therapeutic Practitioners

South, South East, London & East

Locations:South, South East, London & East.
Pay:up to £20 per hour DOE.

In this role you will support the organisation in ensuring that the service is run in line with the Government Legislation, Regulations and Standards, together with the Inspecting Body. You will represent Compass Fostering Vision and Values.

• Using specialist knowledge of Attachment Theory and Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy to inform an empathy based approach to working with carers to ensure that they are best equipped to therapeutically re-parent the foster child.
• Training the foster cares to therapeutically parent.
• Supporting carers and other professionals to interpret and understand the foster child’s actions.
• Supporting the foster carers to ensure that they react appropriately to the child
• Supporting other professionals to understand therapeutic parenting and what the foster carers are trying to achieve
• Supporting the foster carers to understand and recognise Blocked Care, (where they can be so affected by the child’s demeanour that they begin to withdraw or reject the child)
• Understanding and analysing the carers’ past experiences and how these may have an impact on their ability to care for children displaying certain behaviours
• Recognising the signs of Blocked Care
• Counselling the foster carers to help them to process their own emotions which in turn will enable them to access their empathy and continue to therapeutically re parent.
• Continuous inter-agency and multi-agency working.

• Visit the carers and provide one to one therapeutic support.
• Offer therapeutic support to carers over the phone when required.
• Read through daily diaries, analysing behaviour and looking for patterns as well as analysing the responses from carers.
• Discuss behaviour management strategies with foster carers that include SPACE and empathic commentary.
• Read the background history of the child in placement to gain an understanding of their current behaviours in relation to their past life experiences, and to share this knowledge and understanding with carers.
• Provide Attachment Training for foster carers (Most Carers find that having one to one ‘Attachment’ Sessions relating to the child in their care is the most beneficial way of learning about Therapeutic Parenting.)

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