Keeping Compass safe during COVID-19

Since March 2020 our lives, jobs, and circumstances haven’t been the same. Compass have been committed to keeping our staff safe and happy during the various lockdowns and changes in rules.

The safety of our children, carers and staff is our priority. Compass are following the most recent COVID government guidelines carefully and keeping the wellbeing of our staff in mind.

Precautions we’re taking

The vast majority of Compass Fostering employees are currently working from home, with minimal staff going into our offices. Where necessary, if individuals do need to go in, we have a strict entrance sign-in system implemented.

Temperatures are being taken upon entry of all offices and staff need to sign in so we can keep a detailed record. Hand sanitising stations are set up throughout every office and a one-way system is implemented. Plastic screens are positioned between desks and a 2 metre distanced is kept.

To ensure the safety of you and our staff, all interviews are currently being held digitally over Microsoft Teams or Skype. If you have any questions about the process please contact [email protected]

Social work during Covid

We have been supporting our foster parents through the continuation of weekly catch-up calls, use of technology, and where a face-to-face visit is unable to happen, the operation of video calls is in place.

During any and all supervision visits with foster families, appropriate PPE is provided to all our key workers and risk assessments carried out where necessary. Masks, gloves, visors etc are used to protect both our staff and those around them.

Fostering assessments and panels are being held virtually, with a necessary visit to a prospective foster parent’s home when they near panel.

If you’re interested in how we are recruiting carers safely during restrictions, you can read our carer coronavirus page here.

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