Compass Fostering Shines on V2 Radio’s ‘Battle of the Businesses’

This morning, Compass Fostering was on V2 Radio's popular Battle of the Businesses show. Download the full recording!
Compass Fostering on ‘Battle of the Businesses’

This morning, Compass Fostering took the airwaves by storm on our first day of V2 Radio’s popular Battle of the Businesses show. Representing us were Charlotte Munton, our director of recruitment, along with the dedicated members of our Compliance and Family Finding teams.

The show, which features a daily quiz that pits two local businesses against each other, gave our team the exciting opportunity to showcase their general knowledge. In a high-energy segment, they were asked to answer 10 challenging questions within a short, 60-second timeframe.

Charlotte and the team will feature each day this week from 12.30pm, so make sure you tune in here.

This not only was a fantastic team-building exercise, but also a chance to highlight the incredible work we do at Compass Fostering.

Curious to see how well they did? You can listen to the full recording here!

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