Lights, Camera, Action: Compass Fostering Is on TV!

We’re excited to announce that Compass Fostering is on TV! Our brand-new advert is currently showing on SKY TV. Check it out below!
The UK National Shortage of Foster Carers

Many people underestimate just how many children are currently in foster care in the UK. According to the Fostering Network, over 70,000 children live with almost 56,000 foster families in the UK. This is a number that is steadily growing.

Every year thousands of new foster families are required to provide life-changing care for some of the UK’s most vulnerable children and young people. Foster care is incredibly important, giving children and young people a safe and nurturing environment within which they can thrive.

However, there is an ongoing national shortage of foster carers in the UK, which is why we desperately need more foster carers.

Our Myth-Busting Mission

When it comes to fostering, there are many misconceptions or ‘myths’ that often prevent people from applying to become foster carers.

We speak to many people who are concerned they might not be suitable for fostering for various reasons.

Some of our applicants are concerned about the cost of raising a child in the UK, and that they will not be able to afford to foster. Meanwhile, other applicants worry about possible age restrictions, such as being too old to be a foster parent.

We’re on a mission to bust these common fostering myths! At Compass, we want everyone to know that our carers come from a variety of different backgrounds and life experiences. We aim to see the potential – not perfection – in all our applicants, as we know that with individual experience comes a wealth of skills and knowledge!

Our new advert is a testament to this, proving that if you have the time, space, kindness, and patience to care for a child, it’s likely you’ll make a fantastic foster carer.

The Making of Our TV Advert

To help create our advert, we teamed up with UK-based advertising agency, Treacle Seven. Treacle Seven worked closely with us to help write, shoot, and edit our advert.

Thank you Treacle Seven for helping us to execute our vision! We’re very proud of our advert, and hope it encourages more people to consider applying to become foster carers.

As mentioned above, our advert will be showing in the South on SKY from the 20th of May onwards. It will then be rolled out to other regions in the following months!

If you have any further questions about fostering, you can check out our FAQ page here.

Alternatively, please get in touch with us to find out more about fostering, and how you can make a difference to the life of a vulnerable child today!

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