Coronavirus: Updates and Information

We’re still here supporting you through your fostering journey

This article was updated on 16/11/2020.


We understand that we are living in changing and challenging times and with this will come the anxiety of keeping you and your family safe if you apply to become a foster carer. Compass want to reassure you that you can still begin your journey into becoming a foster carer and that we will keep you safe every step of the way.


Since 1st April 2020, Compass Fostering has recruited safely, and within Government guidelines, over 200 new fostering families!


It seems that every week our circumstances are changing, but we can tell you that one thing is for certain when it comes to your fostering journey: Compass are still here for you every step of the way.

Thinking about fostering?

There is a national shortage of foster carers and we are continuing to look for foster parents to join the Compass family. The effects that the Covid-19 pandemic has had on families across the UK is huge, and there are over 60,000 children in foster care in the UK that need a safe and nurturing home.

We have adapted the way we undertake our assessment process to make sure we are looking after and supporting you every step of the way.

  • Your local team are still working remotely from home taking calls and are ready to answer any questions you may have over the phone.
  • We are happy to email out digital brochures to you for further information.
Will anyone come to my home as part of the assessment process?

All stages of the recruitment process from the initial visit through to the assessment process will be completed virtually by one of our experienced social workers. However, as you are nearing the end of your assessment, we will complete some face to face visits but these will always be risk assessed and with social workers and PPE.

Will I have to attend training?

All applicants in the assessment process would normally attend a 3 day face to face training course Skills to Foster’. Compass have adapted this to 4 online courses, followed by an virtual QA with other applicants and the Social Worker trainer.

Part of the process is to have a medical, but my GP surgery is closed for appointments

If you are unable to have a face to face medical we are asking all GP’s surgeries to complete a virtual medical. If they are unable to do either, we can request your medical records to be accessed by the Compass Medical Advisor. This would be completed with you virtually.

Do I have to attend a Fostering Panel?

All foster carers at the end of their fostering assessment will attend a Fostering Panel to become foster carers. We are currently holding all Panels virtually.

When I become a foster carer – what if I get Covid, will the child I’m looking after have to move?

This will be the same as with your own children; you will follow government guidelines to self-isolate.

What if a child I am looking after gets Covid?

This will be the same as with your own children; you will follow government guidelines to self-isolate.

Already fostering with us?

Compass are following government guidelines carefully and are keeping both foster carers and staff updated with any developments within our service. We are supporting our foster parents through the continuation of weekly catch up calls, use of technology and where face to face visits are unable to happen, the operation of video calls is in place.

Should you have any questions, please contact your Supervising Social Worker or your local office.

The government have put together a page specifically for guidance on vulnerable children and young people during the COVID-19 outbreak.

They have also produced some publications with guidance info, in a range of languages and reading abilities.