Ethical Fostering: Our Latest ESG Report

Our latest report emphasises our commitment to being an ethical fostering service and underscores our proactive approach towards maintaining sustainable practices.
What Does It Mean to Be an Ethical Fostering Service?

Being an ethical fostering service means prioritising the well-being of children whilst adhering to non-negotiable principles that promote positive social impact. With this in mind, Compass Community is proud to present our latest ESG report. In it, we reaffirm our dedication to sustainability, community engagement and responsible corporate citizenship. The highlights are outlined below, but if you would like to delve deeper into Compass’ sustainability initiatives, you can download the complete ESG report here.

Partnering with ethical suppliers

One of our greatest accomplishments last year was our transition to a new stationery supplier that aligns perfectly with our sustainability objectives. Operating as a green business, they have significantly reduced plastic packaging and offer a wide variety of eco-friendly products. Through this important partnership, Compass aims to reinforce our dedication to reducing our company’s eco-footprint, and promote sustainable practices throughout our operations.

Identifying high-risk areas during a climate crisis

Over the summer, we conducted a series of reviews to pinpoint specific areas across the UK that are at high-risk of rising sea levels. These assessments extended beyond our corporate offices to include our schools and residential homes in the communities we operate in. By understanding the potential impacts of climate change, we are better equipped to develop resilience strategies and support the areas that are most vulnerable to environmental challenges.


Empowering our employees to think sustainably

In 2023, Compass Community also launched the “Think Sustainable, Act Responsible” training course, a new initiative aimed at educating our employees on corporate environmental programmes and actions. This is a comprehensive course designed to empower individuals to make informed decisions and take constructive steps towards reducing their carbon footprint at work and at home. By fostering a culture of sustainability, we can amplify our collective impact and drive positive change on a broader scale.

Embracing inclusivity and diversity

As always, at Compass, diversity, equality and inclusion are fundamental aspects of our organisational ethos. Under our GRACE initiative, we proudly support multiple employee engagement groups including Anti-Racism, Disability, Mental Health and Sexuality and Gender. These are dedicated to understanding the lived experiences of people of colour and other minority groups, to promote a broader understanding of inequality and institutional racism.

Promoting Ethical Fostering in the Future

Looking ahead, Compass will continue to push the boundaries of sustainability and social responsibility. We are actively engaged in a number of upcoming initiatives, including conducting an ESG survey, partnering with charities to support impactful causes, and implementing solar panel installations across our offices, schools and homes. With many more exciting things in the pipeline, we hope that these initiatives will continue to reflect our unwavering commitment to being an ethical fostering service.

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