Celebrating a Remarkable Year in Family Finding

In a heartfelt message to the Family Finding team, Compass Fostering's leadership expresses immense gratitude for their unwavering dedication and outstanding achievements over the past 12 months.
Our Achievements in 2023

As the new year picks up pace, it’s time to look back on the incredible achievements of Compass Fostering in 2023, particularly in regard to Family Finding. Let’s acknowledge and celebrate our team’s steadfast commitment to ensuring the well-being and stability of foster kids.

The numbers below paint a vivid picture of our team’s impactful work throughout the year.

Family Finding: Compass Fostering's Significant Milestones

Welcoming 840 children

Our Family Finding team played a significant role in facilitating the smooth transition of 840 children into nurturing foster homes. Their support and guidance was instrumental in providing these children with a safe and loving environment in which to thrive.

Ensuring continuity of care 

We also ensured continuity of care for 194 children within the Compass Fostering network. This involved meticulous planning and coordination to match children with suitable foster carers, many of whom have been a part of the Compass Family for a number of years.

Facilitating sleepovers

Recognising the urgent need for temporary accommodation, our Family Finding team also orchestrated sleepovers for 147 children facing emergency situations. These arrangements offer young people and children a sense of security and reassurance in times of crisis, providing them with a comforting environment whilst more permanent solutions are being found. In total, we were able to plan sleepovers for 1,330 kids, ensuring that every child’s immediate needs were met with efficiency, dedication and compassion.


Give vulnerable kids stability and empathy.

Looking Ahead

These remarkable achievements highlight our steadfast commitment to providing exceptional support to children in foster care. They also serve as a timely reminder of Compass Fostering’s mission to build brighter futures. 

As we look forward to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, we remain deeply grateful for the passion, resilience and compassion exhibited by our Family Finding team. Together, we stand united in our commitment to making a meaningful difference in the lives of children and families throughout the UK!

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