Our Ethos

Each of our services work with fairness, openness, integrity and accountability.

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We believe it is key to adopt the belief that people are fundamentally good and that unconditional positive regard is the most powerful mechanism for change. Our underpinning philosophy, that all people are doing the best they can to be the best they can be within their own frame of reference, is highlighted within all our support systems and training sessions.

Through our fostering, residential, and educational placements, our child-centred approach empowers children and families to access a safe and fulfilling future. Attention to detail, outstanding therapeutic programmes, and specialist training for our carers and staff support our aim of improving the self-esteem, confidence, life chances, achievements, and placement stability of every young person in our care.

Compass wishes to be an employer that reflects the communities in which we live, and to provide positive role models that reflect the diversity of the young people we care for.

We have a comprehensive Safer Recruitment Policy and Equality and Diversity Policy. Inclusivity is being considered throughout the development of our new recruitment system, Compass Candidates. This involves removing protected characteristics data before shortlisting is undertaken, to minimise unconscious bias.

Above all, we aim to ensure that all employees will be provided the same concern, respect, and caring attitude within the organisation, that they are expected to share both internally and externally within every relationship.



Following ongoing global events, staff and carers within the Compass Community have come together to form a group named G.R.A.C.E. They are the Group and Regional Ambassadors Committed to Equality.

The group have been helping to refocus Compass’ efforts in tackling inequality and discrimination and utilising the full talents of staff, carers, and children across the organisation.



Compass exists to provide excellent support for children and young people requiring foster care, and to give every child the opportunity to have a positive childhood. At the same time, we look after our foster carers, providing excellent support, training and pay, along with our fantastic teams of staff, across each of our services.

We want to make sure that we’re doing as much as we can to promote sustainable and fair practice, and ESG reporting lets us know this.

Our Approach

The therapeutic REACH model underpins everything we do.

  • Reach

    R. Resilience

    Compass aim to support carer’s strengths to develop into resilient workers. Looked after children and young people need carers who have the capacity to care and nurture a child even when they are hostile and rejecting. This can be described as ‘stickability’ and a determination to not give up.

  • Reach

    E. Education

    The process of changing the mind and behaviour of a child begins in the mind of the caregiver. Carers need to be open to learning and developing throughout their career. You need to be able to reflect upon and understand your own drivers/expectations. You also need to understand how attachments are formed, and how to make use of solution-based tools.

  • Reach

    A. Acceptance

    We hope to develop a carer’s ability to accept the child as they are. Many looked after children and young people suffer with low self-esteem, and a major part of a carer’s role is to help build this and provide creative opportunities for the child to accept and like themselves.

  • Reach

    C. Child Centred

    It is vital that you can empathise with the child or young person’s feelings. Carers need to be able to accept, process and understand their own feelings and then be able to reflect, manage and positively respond to the child or young person’s feelings and behaviours.

  • Reach

    H. Holistic

    Everyone involved with the child or young person must adopt a holistic approach. It is essential to provide the child with a sense of belonging to the carer’s family, to their own birth family and wider social and community, such as schools or social clubs. This sense of belonging and permanence will help support the child or young person to accept who they are.

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