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Parenting, Identity & Race – Brad’s Blog 04/09/2015

Friday 04th September

Hi, my name is Brad.

I am a consultant for Compass, I may have met one or two of you at our Mix-d: Training sessions or conferences. If I have not met you before, I’d like to introduce myself and say ‘hello’.

Over the coming months I will be writing a blog about two key experiences of life which have brought me great pleasure and, sometimes, great confusion.

Firstly, parenting and building a connection – why and how I became a step-parent and the joys of being a granddad.

Secondly, identity and race – my personal experience of being mixed-race and a consultant for Compass. This position has helped me better understand some of the complex issues involved in talking about race, and many of the questions around raising a child who shares a different racial identity to yourself.

The blogs will vary in length and complexity. From time to time, I may refer to something I have discussed in a workshop, share a borrowed thought, piece of writing, or even have an answer to a question.

And sometimes you may disagree.

The first few blogs will give you some basic background to my work and ‘why’ I do what I do. From there, we can begin to focus-in on topics such as building connection, race and identity. Whatever the topic or situation, I would like to create an open discussion space to talk about some of the things which make us nervous and suggest some skills we can use to support ourselves.

Look forward to talking some more.