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Passivhaus Certified: Our Sustainable Head Office Building

We Are Delighted to Finally Be Able to Announce a Major Milestone in Our Sustainability Journey.
We are Passivhaus Certified!

At Compass, we are delighted to finally be able to announce a major milestone in our sustainability journey. At the end of 2021, we relocated our head office to a remarkable new building in Leicester — a Passivhaus certified structure that embodies our commitment to sustainability. This incredible achievement reflects our ongoing desire to create a greener future for our staff and young people by taking practical steps that align with these values.

What Is Passivhaus?

Passivhaus, or Passive House in English, is a renowned building performance standard with a focus on energy efficiency and occupant comfort. It originated in Germany and has gained international recognition as a leading approach to sustainable design.

Why the Passivhaus Standard Matters

The Passivhaus standard places adopters at the very forefront of sustainable architecture. In fact, there are currently just 1,500 Passivhaus certified buildings in the UK. Every aspect of a Passivhaus building is meticulously and eco-consciously designed. 

The standard emphasises energy-efficiency and relies extensively on renewable energy to deliver buildings that operate in harmony with the environment. This means that it brings companies one step closer to achieving their Net Zero targets. 



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Our Passivhaus Building in Leicester

With an EPC (energy performance certificate) rating of A+ — the highest rating for energy efficiency — our new headquarters in Leicester effectively produces more energy than it consumes. Here are some relevant specs for data lovers:

  • Primary Energy Demand: 98kWh/m2.a 
  • Heating and Cooling Load: 16W/m2 
  • Ventilation strategy: Mixed Mode 
  • Heating strategy: Air Source Heat Pumps/ MHRP 
  • Shading strategy: BMS Controlled Levolux Blinds U values W/m2K: 
  • Roof: 0.130 
  • Walls – Timber Rainscreen: 0.12, Render: 0.11, 
  • Soffit: 0.12, Ground Floor Slab: 0.13 
  • Windows: 0.6

In addition to the undeniable sustainability benefits, the building itself provides a greater sense of tranquillity, improved light quality, and constant temperatures that make a day at work a delightful experience.

Our Passivhaus building in Leicester.
Our Greater ESG Strategy

Our new HQ is a part of our greater ESG objectives to reach Net Zero emissions by 2045. Already in 2023, we have achieved nearly 100% renewable electricity across Compass Community. Nevertheless, we recognise that there is still a lot more to be done. This is why:

  1. We are working with a specialist waste management company to better measure and manage the waste we produce.
  2. We recently piloted telematics on a sample of our Compass vehicles, leading to significant improvements in fuel efficiency and a better understanding of our vehicle mileage.
  3. We have massively improved our data collection processes and continue to gain invaluable insights to enable positive, meaningful changes.
This Is Only the Beginning

We believe that sustainable buildings not only benefit the environment but also the well-being and productivity of our staff. By choosing a Passivhaus certified structure, we have substantially reduced our carbon footprint and made significant strides towards securing our greener future. To find out more about what Compass is doing for the future of our planet, see our latest ESG report and get in touch if you have any questions.

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