We are committed to providing safe, secure and caring homes for as many children as possible


Clothing For Refugees Appeal

February 3rd, 2016

Compass are encouraging our staff and carers to donate coats, shoes and socks for refugees in Chios.


Moved by media coverage about the plight of Syrian refugees, thousands of people have been compelled to act. Many have contacted Compass Fostering expressing an interest in caring for a child and we are seeing record numbers of Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children (UASC) needing homes. We are committed to providing safe, secure and caring homes for as many children as possible …. but we would also like to do more for families fleeing violence and seeking safety in other countries.

Over the last three months the Greek Island of Chios has had over 73,000 arrivals to its shores, including 30,000 children. They have travelled mainly from Syria but also Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran. They arrive crammed in boats with just the clothes on their backs; they are cold, wet and hungry.

What these men, women and children currently need are warm coats, shoes and socks and this is where we are trying to help.

Throughout February, Compass Fostering is running a ‘Coats and Shoes for Chios’ campaign. We are encouraging staff and carers to donate second hand or new coats, shoes and socks to their local office.

We’d like to thank all carers and staff who have already donated.


Not currently a staff member or carer with Compass? There is still plenty you can do to help! Click here to learn more.



Compass would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the Compass Clothes for Refugees Campaign – we have 12 very full boxes ready to be shipped, apologies we cannot take anymore…we will be sending them shortly once we have confirmation from the aid workers of where in the Greek Islands there is most need.. update to follow. This really will make a difference to lives.
Charlotte Munton

Clothing For Refugees Appeal

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