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What is FosterTrack?

If you become a carer with Compass, FosterTrack is a word you will probably be hearing a lot.

FosterTrack is a secure database that both foster carers and Supervising Social Workers use to keep track of information about foster children.

You will use it to write daily recordings and observations about your foster child/ren, log appointments they have attended and create reflective practice forms. We also use it as a way to keep track of both you and your foster child’s skills and education. You will record exam results and attendance data for children and young people, which helps us highlight any issues there may be. You can also apply for training courses and view your training history on here.

Compass Foster Track will also allow you to access the Foster Carer Portal. This is a place where you can stay up to date with all the latest news, developments and achievements of all the foster carers at Compass.

Your Foster Track login will be given to you at your home visit. If you aren’t given them, please contact 01903 857 280. Please never give out your FosterTrack login details to anybody else, FosterTrack holds personal information about both yourself and looked after children.

Foster Track is exclusively made just for Compass Fostering staff and carers, this means we are constantly adding to and improving it to suit your needs. If you have any ideas on ways to improve Fostertrack or make it more useful, please speak to your Supervising Social Worker about this.

Accessing FosterTrack

Access to FosterTrack here, this will take you directly to the login page.