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Statement of Purpose

Download our 2024 / 2025 Statement of Purpose.

Each Statement of Purpose for Compass Fostering outlines our commitment to providing the highest quality care through the professional expertise of staff and carers.

We have one for each of our fostering regions, as we understand that each area has its own strengths and goals.

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Our vision

To be the preferred children’s service provider; renowned for an optimistic & pragmatic approach, where it is believed change is possible.

Compass Fostering aims to:

  • provide services that improve the self-esteem, confidence, life chances, achievements and placement stability of the young people placed with us.
  • ensure fostering carers and their families receive professional guidance, support and training as appropriate to help them fulfil their roles as easily and effectively as possible
  • support Local Authorities by designing and providing services that meet local need and promote young people’s integration into their local communities and networks.

We expect to be judged by our record of stable placements and by measurable improvements in all outcomes for the children placed with us, including:

  • outcomes for children and young people
  • safeguarding children and young people
  • quality service delivery
  • overall effectiveness
  • leadership and management