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Theresa & Carl’s Story

Fostering children extended our family and expanded our hearts.

Theresa is 54 and married to Carl. Between them they have six children aged 15-25 years and currently foster four boys aged 7-15 years on a long term basis. Theresa decided to foster after attending a local event held by Compass Fostering.

“My experience of fostering has only been positive – both for me, my family and the foster children. I’ve gained so much more confidence from attending meetings and foster support groups, so much so that I am happy to act as an advocate and encourage others to get involved.

We have always had a big house and large family with lots of kids coming in and out, so fostering more children only extended our family and expanded our hearts. The four children we foster have been with us for over five years so they really are part of the family and participate in all occasions and activities.”

For those people thinking of fostering I would say do it if it is for the right reasons; the future and well being of the children should be at the heart of the decision. One of the best things about the fostering journey is to watch the change in the children and be proud of their achievements.

“Our own children love us fostering, which made it easier when the foster kids were little, and they love to get involved. One of our daughters plays golf for England and she revels in teaching pitch and putt skills to all the children!

Fostering has its ups and downs, as does bringing up your own children, and you need to be very patient and take the rough with the smooth. Some children can have behavioural problems but at other times can be very loving; one of the boys we foster even refers to me as ‘mum’ which is heartwarming.

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