Transferring Fostering Agency

Transferring to Compass Fostering is easier than you may think...

Speak To Charlotte

Just speak to Charlotte or one of her team by phoning 0800 566 8317 or click below and fill out the contact form. We will contact you shortly, usually visiting you at home to chat about the process.

Speak To Charlotte

Just speak to Charlotte or one of her team by phoning 0800 566 8317 or click below and fill out the contact form. We will contact you shortly, usually visiting you at home to chat about the process.

The Process

There is a protocol that all fostering agencies have to follow involving you, your existing agency, the local authority (if you have children already placed) and Compass Fostering to make sure everyone understands what will happen. The process is slightly different depending on whether you have a child or young person placed with you when you decide to transfer.

If you have a child or young person already placed with you?

If you want to transfer to us, you’ll need to give written notice to your existing agency as soon as possible and the placing authorities of the children you are caring for.

A meeting will then be convened by the placing authority/authorities – this may include commissioning/contracting officers as well as the children’s social worker, your current agency, Compass Fostering and yourselves.

Where there is more than one placing authority, the authority that has had children placed for the longest period with the foster carer will be generally be considered the ‘lead’ authority but by agreement. On occasion by agreement with the placing authorities sometimes Compass Fostering will convene this meeting.

The meeting will consider issues around the welfare of the child, the support they need, address issues around fees and timetable the next few months so everyone knows what is happening. It is unusual in our experience for this to present any difficulties as most local authorities don’t mind carers transferring to Compass Fostering from other agencies as we have a good reputation for looking after our carers and supporting them.

We will undertake an assessment and once the Compass Fostering panel has made its recommendation and the service indicates that it is ready to approve you, we will ask you to submit your resignation to your current agency and after the expiry of the 28 days’ notice period you will become a Compass Fostering carer.

If you don’t have a child placed with you?

You need to inform your current fostering service in writing that you are considering a move to another fostering service. It is perfectly ok for you to speak with us before you do this so we can come and visit you.

Once your notification to transfer has been received by your current agency you will be allocated a social worker who will your undertake an assessment so you can be approved for Compass Fostering which is unlikely to take as long as your first assessment to complete. You will be able to take part in training with Compass Fostering during the assessment process and as part of your induction to Compass Fostering we will support you in becoming familiar with our policies and procedures.

Once the assessment has been completed we will let you know that we intend to seek your approval as a foster carer through the panel and decision maker, you should then give written notice of resignation to your current agency either by hand or by recorded delivery. Once submitted written notice of resignation automatically takes effect after 28 days from this date.

If you transfer from another independent fostering agency to Compass Fostering you will be receive carer payments equivalent to what you currently receive or more if the Compass carer payment is higher for any children currently in placement These rates will continue to apply for the duration of the placement, subject to any annual agreed increases and movement through the age bands. When you have any new placements you will move onto the Compass carer payment scales with any future placements.

Transfer to Compass Fostering today by giving us a call on 0800 566 8317.

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