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Hiking for Holly: Supporting The Family in Their Leukaemia Battle

At the beginning of 2022, Jodie, Jack, and their family received some devastating news. Their daughter, Holly, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia.
Challenges Faced by Holly's Family

We’re a tightly knit bunch here at Compass. Our staff, foster carers, and children and young people are an amazing network of caring individuals.

Jodie worked at Compass in our South region for many years. She was a great member of the team and has been missed since leaving our Compliance team to grow her family.

Last night our beautiful, crazy, hulk of a baby girl was diagnosed with Leukaemia. Literally our worst nightmare come true.

Since then, Holly has been undergoing treatment at a specialist hospital located in Southampton, over an hour away from Jodie and Jack’s family home.

These past few months have been unimaginably tough on Holly and her family. Jodie does not drive, making travelling to the hospital difficult, and the couple also have two other young daughters to care for.

The additional travel, childcare and food costs mean that the family’s expenses have risen considerably over the past few months. Balancing work, caring for their other daughters, and supporting Holly in hospital has undoubtedly been a challenge for Jodie and Jack.

Fundraising for Holly's Family

To support Holly and her family during this time, members of Jodie’s family, friends and local community have been fundraising in order to alleviate any financial pressures. This is to ensure that Jodie and Jack can focus as much of their time and attention as possible on their three young daughters.

The funds raised are being used by Jodie and Jack to help cover some of the fuel and public transport costs of travelling.

The money has also been used by Jodie and Jack to afford essential items, like shampoo caps. Holly has curly hair that was becoming increasingly matted during her time in hospital, due to her being unable to bathe. The shampoo caps help Holly feel fresh and clean, making her more comfortable during her stay.

These are the little things the money really helps with.


Make a real difference in a child’s life.

Jurassic Coast Challenge 2022

In aid of Holly and her battle against Leukaemia, one of our Compass Community members, Eve Rimmer, will be taking part in the Jurassic Coast Challenge 2022 to raise money and awareness. The Jurassic Coast Challenge is a hiking trail that beings in Corfe Castle and ends in Bridport. The hike ranges from 58-100km, depending on which challenge hikers sign up for, and can take up to two days to complete.

Eve hopes to finish the 58km portion of the hike in under 7 hours, by combining hiking and cross-country running: ‘I want to push myself to the limit. I’ve found a cause that I believe in.’

In the lead up to the challenge, Eve will be training relentlessly by running 18-20 miles a week and hiking a mountain twice a month. If her training goes well, Eve says, she may even push to complete the 100km hike: ‘If I can do it, that would be amazing.’

Despite the gruelling months ahead of her, Eve is committed to completing the challenge.

I’m finishing that hike for Holly. She will be with me, on my shirt, the whole way."
Support and Donations

We commend Eve for committing to this challenge and wish her the best of luck with her training. Holly and her family will undoubtedly need continued support throughout these next few months, as Holly’s treatment for Leukaemia continues. We hope that the money raised by Eve and the rest of the community helps to alleviate some of the pressure the family is facing throughout this difficult time. Eve has asked that all donations go directly to Holly and her family.

If you would like to donate to Holly and her family, you can do so on their GoFundMe page, here.

Any donation will go a long way, no matter how big or small.

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