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World Environment Day 2024: How to Celebrate as a Family

At Compass Fostering, we are deeply committed to protecting our planet and inspiring the next generation to do the same. This is why we encourage adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle as a family, as it can have a significant impact whilst setting a wonderful example for children. With World Environment Day 2024 just around the corner, below are ten fun and practical ways to become more eco-friendly as a family.
When Is World Environment Day?

World Environment Day is celebrated every year on the 5th of June. The event encourages awareness and action for the protection of the environment. The first World Environment Day was held in 1974, and it has since become a vital platform for promoting sustainable practices.

How to Celebrate World Environment Day 2024

Celebrating World Environment Day can be both fun and educational for the whole family. You can do so by taking part in local events, joining community clean-up projects, or even hosting an eco-friendly party. Above all, however, it is important to use this day to reinforce the value of sustainability and make a positive environmental impact.

10 Ways to Be More Eco-Friendly as a Family

Making a difference together is a lot easier than you think and can manifest in several forms. Here are 10 ways to be more sustainable as a family.

1. Create a Family Recycling Centre

Set up a dedicated recycling station at home with clearly labelled bins for paper, plastic, glass and metal. Make it a family project to decorate the bins and create a chart to track recycling efforts. This activity not only teaches children the importance of recycling, but encourages responsibility and teamwork.

2. Reduce Plastic Waste Together

Encourage children to use reusable items such as shopping bags, water bottles and food containers. Involve them in choosing colourful and fun designs to make the switch even more exciting. Be sure to educate them about the impact of plastic pollution and celebrate their efforts to reduce plastic waste.

3. Start a Family Compost Bin

Composting is another fantastic way to become more eco-friendly as a family, as it not only helps reduce food waste, but can also create rich soil for gardening. Set up a compost bin in your garden and teach children which food scraps can be composted. Make it a fun science project by exploring the composting process and observing how waste eventually turns into dirt.

4. Practise Water Conservation 

Incorporate water-saving habits into your daily routine by challenging children to take shorter showers, turn off the tap whilst brushing their teeth and help identify any leaky pipes. Install water-saving devices at home and reward the family members who save the most water with a small treat or extra screen time each week.

5. Grow Your Own Food as a Family 

Growing fruits, vegetables and herbs together can be a delightfully educational experience. Involve the kids every step of the way, from planting to watering to harvesting. This turns gardening into an invaluable experience that can nurture a sense of wellbeing and increased responsibility towards the environment.

6. Choose Eco-Friendly Products

Switching to eco-friendly cleaning products and toiletries can be as simple as involving children in making vinegar and bicarbonate of soda-based solutions. This reduces chemical exposure whilst teaching children the benefits of using natural alternatives.

Family Recycling

7. Reduce Household Energy Use 

Teach children the importance of conserving energy. Remind them to turn off the lights when leaving a room, unplug devices and use energy-efficient appliances. To make it fun and engaging, you could even start an energy-saving contest, rewarding the family member who contributes the most.

8. Encourage Sustainable Transport

Promote walking, cycling and using public transport whenever possible. Plan family outings that involve walking or cycling, making these activities routine and enjoyable. When travelling longer distances, discuss the environmental benefits of choosing trains over polluting aeroplanes.

9. Implement a Meat-Free Day 

Introduce a meat-free day to reduce your family’s carbon footprint. Get creative in the kitchen with the children, trying out new vegetarian options together. This activity not only teaches children about sustainable eating, but expands their culinary skills and palate.

10. Educate and Empower Children 

Finally, incorporate environmental education into your daily life. You can do this by reading books, watching documentaries and having discussions about environmental issues and challenges. Encourage children to come up with their own eco-friendly solutions, empowering them to take action and make a difference.

Celebrate World Environment Day With Compass

Becoming a more eco-friendly family is not just about protecting the environment; it’s about teaching children the importance of care, responsibility and making positive changes. At Compass Fostering, we are proud to support families in making sustainable choices that will benefit both their lives and the planet.

If you are passionate about instilling a love for the environment in the next generation, consider becoming a foster carer with Compass. Together, we can make a significant impact on the lives of children and the world they will inherit.

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